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Re: Sony a6000 & Safari - Confused

I have had a similar trip to what you are going to take. In Jan. 2020, just before the pandemic, I was in South Africa, Namibia and Mozambique. The animal reserves and parks were the highlight for me.

I took 2 bodies, an A6000 and an A6500. On one I had the Sony 18-200 zoom that you are looking at, and on the other I had the Sony 55-210 zoom that you are also looking at. I also had an Olympus 17x converter mounted on the 55-210mm which gave me additional reach of 70% out to 357MM. If you add the 1.5 crop factor of the APSC format, it gives 535MM equivalent in full frame. I had an old iphone 6+, which I really didn’t use much, except for a few scenics.

Both camera setups worked well. When there was lot of activity going on around close to me, the 18-200 was very good. (Many people on the forum pan this lens, but I am a fan). And the 55-210 and converter combination was effective at getting me closer to the subject when I needed to for the longer shots. It gave excellent results.

So what would I recommend for you? First, do not discount that iphone 13. That can take terrific photos. I have an iphone 12 Pro Max. I bought it purely for its imagery.

You have one camera body, the a6000. Take it. I don’t think you will need another one. Here is why. The new Tamron 18-300M has been providing good results and has a longer reach than the 18-200 from Sony. For less money. I have recently acquired one and am happy with it. But here is one thing that I would add. The Olympus 17X converter lens, which can be screwed right on to the front of the Tamron and will give you even more reach. This is the converter that I was using on the Sony 55-210 in Africa and it worked just fine. It also works fine on the Tamron 18-300MM. Gives you an extra 70% reach when you need it. Just get an adapter ring of 67-55mm so it will screw right on. So you can spend your whole day shooting with one lens on the camera. Just add the converter when you think you need it. Without the converter, the lens goes down to 18MM for wide angle. And up to 300MM long. It is a great combination, which minimizes total weight and complexity, yet can still give some very nice images.

And the iPhone. It is amazing for things that are wide angle to normal to short telephoto. It is also great at giving special effects like water flows, etc. And it is amazing at night. I love mine. I don’t take my wide angle Sony 10-18MM anymore for my camera. The phone is actually a wider angle and does a better job. Its only disadvantage to me is that its screen and form are not as easy to use as a camera.

I hope this helps.

Good luck.

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