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OK… we are DONE here

Dennis wrote:

DrSteveD wrote:

If you’re familiar with MMOs or the D&D community, you may have come across the idea of equipment or choice tiers lists.

It's amazing that you'd spend this much time putting together what amounts to speculative nonsense. I'm not personally experienced with much in the Fuji lineup, but some of your categorizations are just silly ...

X-T30II is poor because a camera without IBIS takes worse pictures than one with it, but X-T3 is "legendary" ?

50/1 and 200/2 are "consumer" ?

23/2 is "legendary" but 27/2.8 is "poor" because of "optical problems" ?

I think you ought to completely scrap this list and start asking the experts here for advice.

- Dennis

Gallery at http://kingofthebeasts.smugmug.com

OK, that just about does it.  In addition to disguising words here which are basically not allowed within the Forum (not a permissable practice), this and a host of other messages here are variants on attacking the OP.  Disagree with his observatioins?  No problem.  Making it personal is where this crosses the line.  As such, this thread is locked.  I will also send a strong message that posts here need to focus strictly on issues and remain impersonal.  Next time around, this will result in some loss of privileges, particularly for those who are “repeat offenders.”

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