Rumored 40mpx sensor and lens resolution capabilities

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LOL - the old best camera debate

Jerry-astro wrote:

sportyaccordy wrote:

Define "best". It almost seems like you think photography exists for gear, vs the other way around.

Personally, if I'm going somewhere special that I will never visit again, the gear I pick is going to balance maximizing I! with the ease of getting to and taking the shot. If that means packing a slower prime instead of a faster but heavier one, or a zoom instead of a prime, so be it. An extra stop of light or 10lp/mm isn't going to make or break a truly great shot, and IMO photographs that rely that heavily on technical minutae aren't great anyway. I have had the F/1.4 primes and F/2.8 zooms.......... they make no difference. Most of my best photographs were taken with "mediocre" lenses, because that's what I had on me when the time was right.

I think if the forum had a wall... I'd be hanging this post on it and referring people to it periodically for a read (or re-read). This is, and pretty well always has been, a very gear centric forum. As such, the majority of the discussions center around gear, and unfortunately at times, posts tend to miss the point of why all that gear exists in the first place. Many of the discussions here focus on highly technical issues that might only be visible if the image were projected large on a wall (if that). There's nothing wrong with striving for perfection as long as we retain some sort of perspective as to what's important and what really isn't.

As far as your question on compromise, Deed, depending on how I'm getting to my photography location, and how difficult the trek might be, I might decide to settle on something a bit less than optimal if makes my kit more manageable and portable. A good quality zoom (e.g. 16-55) vs a set of primes within that FL range might be a good example of that sort of tradeoff -- in fact the whole zoom vs. prime argument we have here on a regular basis centers largely on optimal quality vs. convenience. I don't think a photographer can be regarded as any less talented (or even motivated) if they weigh those tradeoffs and decide on something bit more versatile and convenient in lieu of the absolutely best IQ possible... particularly if dragging along that bag of primes might be a real burden. In many cases, those differences are nearly imperceptible, even in larger formats.

Let's please avoid getting us back into the way overworked prime vs. zoom issue... I only presented that as an example that might support Sportyaccordy's comments above.

Remember this from 2009? The Best camera is the one with you.

Or the Zack Arias version - the best camera is the one you left at home.

Sure - he is promoting his app and book but we are the dinosaurs here debating about which gear is best when the world has moved onto the mobile phones as the primary means of capturing images today.

Also how ironic that we are debating this in an APS-C sensor forum - which was a compromise on 35mm sensor cameras which was another compromise from 645 / 6x7 and other MF formats which was a compromise on LF format cameras...

Life is all about compromises - we trade one thing to get something else.

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