Lumix DC-TZ200 - likely cause of screen failure?

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Re: Lumix DC-TZ200 - likely cause of screen failure?

Thanks, the ribbons are all soundly connected, I've disconnected and reconnected every ribbon between the LCD and the main board.
The signal is getting through to the LCD too, because the backlight is active when it should be, there's just no image on it.
I'm pretty sure it is the LCD itself that has failed, if it was a mobile phone or a tablet with the same symptoms I'd be completely confident. It's literally just because there's a PCB that goes between the LCD and the main board that I'm uncertain at all.
Edit: just to clarify as well, when I say that I know the sensor is working, I mean the sensor that detects when your face is near the eyepiece.
The sensor as in the one that actually takes the photos is definitely working too, as the camera is fully functional when using the viewfinder display.

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