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Re: Fujifilm X-Series Gear Tier List (Long)

New Day Rising wrote:

The OP has had a go at constructing a quasi-scientific

What aspect of it was remotely scientific ?

adapting a methodology used in other fields.

D&D is a "field" ? All it is a ranking, like any other ranking, but with geeky names like "legendary" instead of "number one".

Sure, there are plenty of flaws in his assessment, but the methodology is sound enough.

How do you figure ? A ranking is a ranking and ranking things isn't a "methodology" ... it's just something humans do. The methodology is how you go about doing the ranking and there, he's apparently done a poor job.

What the OP has done is tried to supplement his direct observations with empirical observations from third party sources in a kind of meta-analysis.

Agreed. And we all do that. But the problems I see are two-fold:

1. The meta-analysis itself seems flawed, at least based on my interpretations of reviews I've read.
2. The ranking serves no purpose. Should I buy a "legendary" item or a "consumer" item ? Nothing about it is useful. Why is a "pro" choice better than a "poor" choice and does it matter whether I'm a pro ?

But trying to label the OP as being a troll and/or having mental health issues is not exactly being 'nice' in my view.

No idea if he could be trolling and I doubt it's mental health issues - just someone geeking out to no good end. A pointless exercise that was probably fun to do, but ultimately useless.

- Dennis
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