Pink Birds, Whistling Ducks, Hawk, Bugs, Turtle & More (12/1/21)

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Pink Birds, Whistling Ducks, Hawk, Bugs, Turtle & More (12/1/21)

Keeping up with my catch-up, my last few threads have been knocking out one week's worth of photos each post - and this post again achieves that goal, with the following shots all taken on August 21st and wrapping up that day and week.

Once again at the local wetlands, and shooting with the A6600 and FE 200-600mm G lens handheld, here's a random mix of critters of all types.  All are posted at 1800 pixels on the long side if you view them in original size:

Kicking off with a bug - this Needham's skimmer dragonfly was hanging out on the side of a reed, catching a little sun

A glossy ibis - the ones that look all brown, at least until the sun hits their feathers, and then hidden iridescent colors come popping out...hence the name 'glossy'!

The grasshoppers are all around, in the thousands, this time of year, but still very difficult to locate - you hear them constantly but get within 10 feet or so and they go silent.  And they tend to sit on the shadow side of the reeds, out of direct sun like this one

This Cooper's hawk was trying to sit quietly in the pine forest, hoping the various little birds and rodents wouldn't notice him so he could swoop down and grab one for lunch.  Anything moved, and his head would dart over to watch - except me

Knowing I'm not on the menu, and wasn't perceived as a threat, he pretty much ignored me!

This Florida softshell turtle was using a partially submerged log to rest out of the water, while the eastern amberwing dragonfly was using the turtle as a nice temporary island for a rest

A young roseate spoonbill decided to sit on a small tree island, looking out over the wetlands - nice to see one against the blue sky as usually I see them down in the water, wading around

From another angle, still enjoying a nice afternoon break up in the tree

I heard a rustle in the tree and a whoosh of wings, and turned around to find the young spoonie decided to fly off somewhere else - letting me catch the vivid burst of pink flying through the blue sky

My last 3-4 posts have had shots of momma alligator guarding her nest.  And vigilantly so - 3-4 weeks on and still hasn't left the nest area.  What a good mom

Hiding under the cypress pines in the shade, this juvenile yellow-crowned night heron was taking a break from the afternoon heat

A great blue heron out wading through the wide shallow waters, looking for a fish

A pretty duck, if not a little bit awkward on proportions - too small a body and too thick legs - the black-bellied whistling ducks love to hang around the wetlands - whether down in the water, or up on the handrail of the boardwalk watching people pass close by.  This male was on particular duty - his lady was just down below guarding her ducklings and he was on overwatch

Here's momma sitting down below - if you look very carefully under her neck to the right, and under the center of her body, you can just catch little whisps of the ducklings all hiding underneath her body

The sun was brutal on this shot, but I wanted to capture poppa whistler flying some circles around me as I left the spot where momma was guarding her ducklings - he decided to circle me a few times and watch me, making sure I didn't steal any ducklings

Comments, questions, and critique welcomed and encouraged and well appreciated!

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