Did a7iv make it harder to decide to get the R6?

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Re: Did a7iv make it harder to decide to get the R6?

I bought the R6 a couple days ago and it is incredible for stills. I wanted speed, low light performance, superb autofocus and a great lens system. I get pictures that look great even at high ISO levels. I went with the R6 because it was in stock and how could I go wrong. I have tried shooting some video too and the quality blows me away. I was more between the Z6 and the R6 though and was really close to going the Z6 route because the still images from the Nikons are incredible but I wanted better autofocus performance. I bet the Sony is incredible too and I think their cameras feel solidly built but I wanted to experience that Canon heritage in controls and it does not disappoint. The real only example you gave for going with the Sony is the ability to go from stills to movie right next to each other, and so if that is what makes the difference for you than only you can decide that. For me it was Canon heritage and after doing a lot of comparing it was clear to me the R6 was built to be a beast of a stills camera first before anything else and it is exactly that after using it for just 2 or 3 days around the house. Thing that have surprised me so far is that I have completely transitioned into using DPP because of how easy it is to get the colors I want on it. I simply do not even think about other cameras anymore, (I do intend to get a R5 II or R5 III years down the road), I only lust after lenses now. Bottom line for me is I wanted the heritage and trusted the Canon lens system over Sony, and trusted the camera over Nikon. Something that is not mentioned because it does not matter to most people, (it matters to me but I honestly had no idea until I had already bought the gear), the Canon camera and lens I got are made in Japan. Why it matters to me? Because again heritage and it is my opinion that Canon gear will hold its value more so than Sony and Nikon. Something for me to admit is that I thought the R3 was overpriced and that the Z9 was the way to go, but after using the R6, I have come to love the R3 as the Canon flagship, I first thought it was overpriced, (compared to the Z9), but I no longer feel that way. I love Canon.

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