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domus wrote:

PMUK wrote:

my workflow was: Lightroom Classic -> DXO PL 5 E (processing, inc. DeepPrime NR) -> Lightroom -> DeNoise AI (general sharpening with very minimal NR) -> Lightroom -> Sharpen AI (targeted Blur correction applied using a mask) -> Lightroom -> Sharpen AI (targeted Focus correction applied using a mask) -> Lightroom -> Photoshop (minor tweaks) -> Lightroom (minor vignette added/ export). (Lightroom being used as the central hub).

First of all, absolutely wow. That's the definition of sharpness.

Secondly, that's one heck of a workflow. Clearly the hallmark of a seasoned professional.

I see that DeNoise AI is used once and Sharpen AI twice. It's probably the correct way to use this, out of (your) experience. The fox shot wasn't one I have used (or was going to use), but I thought it a good example of something I could quickly run through Sharpen AI and make it more or less usable. If, however, it'd each time involve this workflow just to check whether an image is salvable, I don't think I'd put the time in (to be honest, I probably would, but that's another matter).

In any case, Sharpen AI doesn't seem to be the stand-alone miracle tool it is more or less advertised to be. As part of a workflow, I can see it have some use, as you illustrated.

Many thanks.



Hi Dom,

Thank you for your very kind words, much appreciated.

Everyone will use Sharpen AI in different ways, but I tend to use it sparingly to address specific blur/ focus issues - occasionally (but not always) using one or more passes.

It is able to both disappoint and astonish, but yes, when it works... 


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