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PMUK wrote:

my workflow was: Lightroom Classic -> DXO PL 5 E (processing, inc. DeepPrime NR) -> Lightroom -> DeNoise AI (general sharpening with very minimal NR) -> Lightroom -> Sharpen AI (targeted Blur correction applied using a mask) -> Lightroom -> Sharpen AI (targeted Focus correction applied using a mask) -> Lightroom -> Photoshop (minor tweaks) -> Lightroom (minor vignette added/ export). (Lightroom being used as the central hub).

First of all, absolutely wow. That's the definition of sharpness.

Secondly, that's one heck of a workflow. Clearly the hallmark of a seasoned professional.

I see that DeNoise AI is used once and Sharpen AI twice. It's probably the correct way to use this, out of (your) experience. The fox shot wasn't one I have used (or was going to use), but I thought it a good example of something I could quickly run through Sharpen AI and make it more or less usable. If, however, it'd each time involve this workflow just to check whether an image is salvable, I don't think I'd put the time in (to be honest, I probably would, but that's another matter).

In any case, Sharpen AI doesn't seem to be the stand-alone miracle tool it is more or less advertised to be. As part of a workflow, I can see it have some use, as you illustrated.

Many thanks.



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