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domus wrote:

PMUK wrote:

Perhaps you could post some images, one you believe requires sharpening, one which has motion blur and one where focus has been missed?

If you could also post what Affinity, or your usual software was able to do with these, other people could then try editing them using Sharpen AI.

You're right, of course. Would be wonderful to learn what I'm doing wrong.

I'll start with this one.

(attempted upload of RAW ORF file forbidden)

I'll figure out how to upload ORFs and get back... (need to find the time)

I can, of course, just upload the JPEGs...

Original JPEG.

Sharpening attempt with Affinity Photo. Just concentrating on fox.

Tried all options in Sharpen AI, but couldn't find a better result.

Hi domus,

As promised, I’ve had a play with your image using Lightroom Classic and Sharpen AI only. I used Sharpen AI v3.3.1 (the latest version v3.3.3, flagged above, isn’t available to me yet).

I got off to a fairly bad start by downloading the low-res version of the file, which made for an interesting session - though I think I did quite well with this file, all things considered, I doubt you’d have been particularly impressed.

Anyway, once I’d got that out of my system, I tried again with the full file.

Make of my re-edit what you will - to my eyes the fox is a tad less blurred, with a little more detail around the eyes and in parts of the fur (less in others), I could maybe get a tad more out of the jpg in time - but there would be a better chance with the raw. Other differences are down to processing preferences (I didn’t do anything devastatingly major in Lightroom).

I wouldn't say you're doing anything wrong, or that 'I'm right', but people process files in different ways, which produces different results.

For this image I tweaked the basic exposure in Lightroom, sent the file to Sharpen AI via the plug-in, masked the fox, inverted the mask then applied minimal motion blur correction to everything else and saved it back to Lightroom, I then sent the file to Sharpen AI a second time, masked the fox and applied a stronger value of motion blur correction to just the fox. (I also considered trying focus fix, but stuck with the motion blur route this time).

Other people with more skills (and time) than me may fare better, but there you go.


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