X-S10 + 50mm f/2.0 Long-term Review (with Photos!)

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Re: X-S10 + 50mm f/2.0 Long-term Review (with Photos!)

MaartenSFS wrote:

Great write-up, Maarten, thanks for sharing!

I actually purchased and tested the 16mm f/2.8 as well, but returned it. I found the lens to be too miniscule and the focus ring night unusable. The images that I uploaded to my computer were also of an inferior quality to the 23mm. I also realised that in a two-lens travel kit, the 16mm was just too wide to be practical all the time. If the 18mm f/2.0 is ever given a makeover, I would consider replacing the 23mm.

I used to own the 18/2.0 and replaced it with a 14/2.8 - this was before the Fujicrons. These days, I use the 14mm with the 23/2.0 and 50/2.0 as my main trio.

While the 14mm is optically fantastic, it is physically larger than than a Fujicron, but at least it isn't too heavy. I can see what you mean with the 16mm being too wide, I too find that the 14mm gets more use when I have certain subjects (esp. landscape).

An updated 18mm would be great. Lacking that, I've recently acquired a XC 15-45 for casual shooting or to throw in the bag for focal length "emergencies". Weighs nothing, is stabilised and IQ is pretty decent for the money. I also don't mind the Powerzoom too much in what is for me a secondary lens. The focus ring doubles as a rotating zoom ring unless in manual focus mode. This is a bit more comfortable than the toggle style power zoom lever under the main zoom ring.

50mm can sometimes be too long, but I like the fact that the two focal lengths are far enough from each other that I needn't swap lenses all of the time and am clear about what I'll be getting when I do. When I had a kit lens on my DSLR I tended to use the widest and longest focal lengths anyways.

It's been a few years and I can't find the link to it any more, sadly, but I remember a study someone did on EXIF data in several thousand public Flickr images. Their finding was that most shots from zoom lenses were taken near or at the end of the respective zoom ranges, regardless what type of zoom it was. Sounds obvious and surprising at the same time.

I only have two minor complaints about the 50mm f/2.0. The first is that I wish that it had the same filtre thread as the 23mm and 35mm.

This is more or less my only gripe as well. It might be that when 23mm and 35mm were released with a 43mm filter thread in 2015/16, the development of the 50/2.0 (now 46mm, released 2017) was in a stage of R&D where they still expected to be able to match the filter thread. Otherwise, perhaps they would have considered launching the initial Fujicrons with a 46mm thread.

I understand that the wider 16mm would require a larger filter thread, but it would have been nice if the 23mm, 35mm and 50mm shared the same.

The second is that I wish that Fujifilm also sold a premium lens hood for it, although I understand why it needs a different one and I like that it is reversable, as I have my CPL filtre practically glued on.

Anyways, I'll let the photos do the talking. I will spread them over three posts, as I was informed that I posted too many last time. Enjoy!

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