DXO PL4 vs. PL5. Worth the upgrade? Or is Topaz Image bundle better

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Re: DXO PL4 vs. PL5. Worth the upgrade? Or is Topaz Image bundle better

Ernie Misner wrote:

Digital Nigel wrote:

Ernie Misner wrote:

Off topic but I'm new to PL5 and did someone say that when using the Prime NR that you can't really judge the results without exporting the image? Or did I read that wrong. Thanks.

Yes, that's true of both PRIME and DeepPRIME. Even what you see in the little inspection window isn't an accurate representation of what you'll see in the exported file, which generally looks much better.

Thanks and I did mean to say DeepPRIME. So.... since the exported file tends to look better, do you usually go a little less on the sliders so it won't be overdone on the exported file? (Loss of detail from too much NR)

As I recall, we determined that default 40 is a good value. When an image has little noise, 40 seems to do no harm. In bad light at high ISO, you might want to raise the value, but acutance suffers as you go above 80 or thereabouts.

Nigel might have more info to offer, but that is my recollection from previous threads.

In other words, set Deep PRIME luminance = 40 and fuhgettabouit.

Deep PRIME with PL5 on Apple M1 is scary fast.

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