Did a7iv make it harder to decide to get the R6?

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Re: Did a7iv make it harder to decide to get the R6?

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By all means go for the A7IV. It appears to be a very capable camera in the right hands. Not as fast as the R6 but has 33mp so maybe you can later on tell us if it's worth the money.

My brain says get the A7iv but my heart says R6. I'm just glad I never got any Nikon crop camera in the past otherwise there may have been 1 more camera to decide on. Pretty sure I will be getting the Sony, but I will still always keep my little Canon M50.

My brain says R6,ive used it and its great but I'm waiting for a price drop.

I got the RP almost 2 years ago and adapt L glass and some lesser primes.

Also own the 35F1.8 and 24-240 RFs.Intend to buy the 800 and 16f2.8.

The RP does brilliant 1080 btw,4K is 1.75x crop but works well manually focused but can hunt in AF.

The Sony sounds good on paper but Raw is only 6fps,a lessor gets the 10fps.

R6 has much better video capability and uses the cards you have now.With the Sony you will need CFexpress type A that cost$.

A reduced price R6 will be much better value but go hire both and then decide.

The Sony has the advantage of 3rd party support from Sigma/Tamron.

Thanks for the bit of info about the CFexpress type A. I will have to read the manual to see in which settings they are required for and what advantages they have over the other cards. And look up the price of the cards.

May have given you a wrong stear,for the video capability the V60/90 Sd cards should cope ok(I just read up,so learnt a bit).

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