Olympus 12-200....first impressions

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Olympus 12-200....first impressions

When this was first announced I was struck with a bad case of GAS.  It seemed as though it was perfect for my shoots of sailboat racing from a very wet rubber dinghy, wider and longer than my other lenses, avoiding the need for a lens switch in wet conditions and fast enough for shooting in good light.

Then the tests started coming in, showing mediocre performance so I went with the common flow and didn't buy (with regret, but soft photos are no good to me)

The best zoom meeting my needs to date has been the Panny 14-140.ii..I have tried several samples each of this lens and of Olympus 14-150ii and my current 14-140 is clearly the best.

Recently there have been a couple of threads showing it in a better light (thanks, Henry and Yannis) so I thought I would give it a go and get one (I planned to move it on if it did not perform)

I was surprised at just how small it feels on my EM1ii and by the decent construction, but that is not of interest unless it performs.

I have been shooting from my rooftop at targets around me and have been astonished at the results.

Here are a couple for you to judge and comment on.  These were taken RAW and processed with DXO. PL5.  No adjustments other than those which come with DXO were made to the images.  I can improve on these a bit by tweaking with DXO.

I tried at f6.3 and f8.0. There is  very slight improvement with F8 but at the expense of needing a higher iso or slower shutter.  Probably not worthwhile for my shooting on the water.

These are both at 200mm.  I compared with using panny 14-140 Mkii and cropping, but these are definitely better.

At <140mm it is hard to see any differences in the overlapping range.

Enough talk, here are two shots

Comments welcome


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