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new A6400 + 18-135 + rent a longer lens

ActiveChewy wrote:

Or am I better off just getting the 55-210mm and saving some $, and just using my iphone 13 for landscapes and my a6000 for the animals on this trip.

I've never been on a safari. But I can promise you that if I were going to take an amazing trip like that there is no way in the world I'd use a cell phone for any of the pictures. And my experience with the 16-50 wasn't much better than a cell phone, so I wouldn't be happy with that either.

Ideally, I think you'd probably want two bodies so you're always ready for any situation. If you can afford it, I'd spring for the A6400 + 18-135 kit. The 18-135 is worlds better than the 16-50. You could keep it on your existing A6000 for closer shots, and rent a longer lens like the 70-350 or 100-400 just for the trip to use with the new A6400. That would total around $1500ish depending on which lens you rented (and how long the trip is). Just be careful about getting a lens that is TOO long if you rent. At some point, it becomes difficult to keep it steady. I'm very happy with the 70-350 because the weight isn't too bad, and I doubt I could hold a lens steady if I went much beyond 350mm... at least not without a monopod.

Whatever you decide, have a great trip!!!

EDIT: I re-read this and my comment about cell phones and the 16-50 sounded snooty, which is not my intent. I print a lot of my photos for hanging on walls, so I want lenses that can produce images capable of printing at 11x17 or 16x24. Sometimes cell phone pics look okay on a phone, but they just don't usually hold up well to enlargement. There's a reason good glass costs a lot - physics! And again, I found the 16-50 to be only slightly better than a cell phone. If you don't intend to print any of your images at larger sizes, then you may be fine with the 16-50 for the closer shots instead of adding the 18-135.

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