Which do you prefer?

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Which do you prefer?

I found these two photos next to each other on a website.

Ignoring the models themselves - I'm struck by how different the "feel" is in each photo.

The photo on the left is washed out (low contrast), appears to be taken under natural light & cropped from a larger photo (low sharpness / you can't discern individual hairs).

The photo on the right has high contrast, appears to be taken under studio lighting conditions, and seems rather sharp (you can almost count individual hairs - but the actual resolution of the photo is low).

All of the above - plus the equipment choices and editing choices - give both of the photos a very different feel.

All I know is - I prefer one style to the other.

I'm wondering what the DP Review community prefers (and why if you care to comment).


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I prefer the photo on the left
37.9% 22  votes
I prefer the photo on the right
62.1% 36  votes
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