Seeking advice on e-p7 vs e-pl10 for U.S. buyer

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Re: Seeking advice on e-p7 vs e-pl10 vs e-pl7 for U.S. buyer

Jeff wrote:

There are good prices right now on the e-pl10, and I'm thinking it might be a useful tool to have in the kit as something that could be in the jacket pocket with the 17/1.8 or 25/1.8 lens. So this is very tempting.

On the other hand, the e-p7 looks even more tempting with the newer sensor. But for those of in the U.S., we need to find a way to get shipped from either Japan or Europe.

So looking for advice, especially from those who have used both.

Is the E-P7 worth the hassle of importing and the extra money?

If you're also using the EM1.3/EM1X, are you happy with what the E-PL10 adds to your kit?

I've been thinking about the same. I did get an E-PL7, because a) it's still much cheaper used (and can be found used) than the E-PL10 and b) I thought I might want the EVF port.

Well, I don't care about the EVF port TBH. Not missing it at all and honestly enjoying LCD only shooting. But I DO wish I had the slightly better DR and MP of the 20MP sensor. I find the files from my G9 give me just a bit more latitude than the E-PL7. It's not a ton, but it's enough to make a difference. Maybe a stop, especially in highlight recovery.

For me, I'm not yet convinced I want to drop $750 on this "backup camera" so I'm sticking with the E-PL7, but if you are OK with that price, I would vote for the E-P7 over the E-PL10 (you can get the EP7 at If you don't want to spend that money, try a used E-PL7. Mine was about $150 or so.

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