Lumix DC-TZ200 - likely cause of screen failure?

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Re: Let me get this straight

The screen inside the viewfinder works fine, it displays an image as it should. It's only the LCD display that displays black. I don't think I was that unclear about this? Also, the fact that Amazon sent out another £600 camera to replace it does somewhat imply there is an actual fault, and not just user error at play, yes?

I can see that the sensor works, because the screen inside of the viewfinder is active when you put your eye to it, then goes black when you move your eye away from it.

Likewise, I can see that the backlight of the LCD display is active whenever the viewfinder display is inactive. The LCD just doesn't display anything.

I've checked that every connection between the display and the main board is sound. Nothing is loose and none of the ribbons are damaged. The camera has never been dropped, and the fault was sudden, ie it was not preceded by an intermittent fault, flickering, anything like that. My other half had just assumed at first that she'd disabled the screen through a settings menu by mistake.
Like I said, I'd be totally confident that it was the LCD that had failed were it not for the presence of a daughter board between the LCD and the main board.

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