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Re: Capture One V22 Upgrade

Anyone still looking for cheap upgrade path to C1 v22 (perpetual license), Fuji Rumours have shared that Adorama and B&H are running heavily discounted sales on C1 v21 which include free upgrade to C1 v22 when it launches.

FujiRumours Article

  • 180 USD for C1 v21 - all makers
  • 140 USD for C1 v21 - manufacturer specific (Fuji, Nikon, Sony discounted)

Direct link on Adorama
Direct link on B&H


Note: Deal might be available from other resellers that Fujirumours didn't link. I also don't know if the bought codes would potentially be geo-restricted to the US or respective store. Please read the fine print before buying.

The 180 USD for the Pro version roughly match what I paid getting the pre-order deal directly from Capture One. I paid 157,50 EUR (incl. VAT) using a 10% affiliate code in conjunction with the pre-order offer, which roughly comes out to just under 180 USD when converted.

So while they were saying the pre-order will be the lowest price, it appears C1 v22 might occasionally be available for that price again (but not lower?).

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