Retail prices of FF mirrorless cameras, Mark III

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Retail prices of FF mirrorless cameras, Mark III

Christmas is just around the corner, and once again it is time to see what FF mirrorless camera you can gift yourself too, if you have the cash.

Last year I did the 2nd post in this serie where I try to visualize the price-spectrum of FF MILC delight, we have at our disposal

Since last year, we lost 4 of the oldest MILC on the marked (Sony a7, a7R, a7S & a7S II) but we also got 6 new strong contenders, (Canon R3, Leica SL2-S, Nikon Z9, Sony A1, a7R III A & a7R lV A).

All in all, we went from 28 FF cameras to 30. But more important, we lost some cheap cameras and gained some really pricy ones insted.

The 28 cameras of yesteryears had a combined price of $ 69995 USD for an average price of $ 2499 USD.
The 30 cameras of tomorrow hold a combined price of $ 94700 USD for an average price of $ 3157 USD.

Last year we had three camera costing over $ 4000, today we have eight.

Retail price from manufactures website Nov. 29, 2021
[All prices are rounded up to the nearest hundred.]

If we split this into price brackets, we get a picture that look like this.

Still a good selection in each price bracket, but if you want the newest equipment, be prepared to pay for it.
[* on sale at the moment of checking]

My prediction after looking at this is, that we might not see many new budget priced cameras being developed. I think we will see many more expensive cameras being introduced in the Sub 4000 bracket (maybe even in a Sub 5000 bracket) and the older cameras will just be sold at a lower price.

Whether this is true, only time will tell.

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