Interesting "reach" calculation - M1X+150-400 vs A1+200-600

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Interesting "reach" calculation - M1X+150-400 vs A1+200-600

I am not sure that this will interest many people but I stumbled on this today so here goes.

I have posted a few times in the past about how one might spend lots of money on different systems. In particular, I find the E-M1X + 150-400 1.25TC Pro vs Sony A1 + 200-600 interesting because they cost about the same amount of money but one has an expensive body and a (relatively) cheap lens whilst the other has an expensive lens and a (relatively) cheap body. I, some time ago, chose to go the Sony route but keep an interested eye on the m43 world. I love the idea of the 150-400 PRO but am less keen on the E-M1X.

Anywho, it occurred to me that, particularly with wildlife images, the maximum that I would be willing to crop an image to would be 1:1 as viewed on my monitor. Given this extra crop factor, I could work out the effective FF equivelent focal length which would give an indication of maximum "reach" for the system. So I did it for both.

My monitor is 2560 pixels wide. The A1 image is 8640 pixels wide and the E-M1X 5184 pixels wide so the extra crop factor to get a 1:1 image is the ratio of these.

So, for the A1, effective FF focal length at 1:1 is 8640 / 2560 * 600 = 2025mm

For the E-M1X with the built-in TC engaged, the same is 5184 / 2560 * 2 * 500 = 2025mm

Well blow me, they are identical! I hadn't expected that. I don't know if you will find that interesting but I did. Of course, you could add external teleconverters to both of these but they would still remain the same as each other. (Although I certainly wouldn't recommend adding the 2x TC to the Sony and then cropping to 1:1.  :-o But I don't think I would ever need to! I rarely add the 1.4x these days)

Of course there are lots of other differences and similarities between these two systems and I have no axe to grind. Just thought this nugget was interesting.

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