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Re: Fujifilm X-Series Gear Tier List (Long)

New Day Rising wrote:

Morris0 wrote:

New Day Rising wrote:

Morris0 wrote:

Is the aim of this list to anger people?


I would say clearly not.

While it is clearly the case that some people will be angered by any attempt to rank equipment in this way, given different perspectives, I really don't think that is what the OP was aiming to do.

The aim is to share information. You can disagree, as many have. You could suggest the OP is being naive, even arrogant. You could be cynical and suggest the aim was to show how clever the OP is. But I don't think it is fair to suggest there was any malicious intent behind it.

I don't believe the intention was to anger people yet it's a clear side effect of the OP's action. Sometimes we need to think beyond our own intent to what others redaction might be. One way to be less confrontational is to stay in inquiry. This same thread could have been friendlier and probably more educational would have been to ask "What do you feel is the best and worst Fuji lenses and bodies?" This would lead to discussion and of cause some would disagree with individuals opinions yet in time a consensus of the best and worst would become evident.

I'm hardly perfect and have at times angered people.


The alternative is simply not to get angry at what anonymous strangers on the internet say about inanimate objects.

What "DrSteveD" says about a bit of gear that you happen to own doesn't really matter, does it? You might absolutely and totally disagree with him, bit is it something to be angry about?

I suppose it's going OT, but I am curious to know why someone's opinion on where a piece of camera equipment should be ranked on a list would make you or anyone else angry.

Personally, I don't find this make me angry at all. In fact, i find it very amusing, as it is completely out to lunch for anybody who's used the lenses on the list.

Frankly, I find the whole YT thing a bit silly..especially unboxing videos!..I mean how did that get to be a thing?? We're living in the misinformation age:).  Know your source.

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