Rumored 40mpx sensor and lens resolution capabilities

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Rod McD wrote:


Last week Fuji rumors gave greater backing to its tip of an XH2 with a 40mpx sensor. If borne out, that's massive in terms of pixel density. It's an increase in the pixel density of >50% on the 26mpx sensor and that of Sony's A7R4, which is the highest resolution FF camera. (The XT4 and A7R4 have the same pixel density.) My question is whether lens resolution can keep up? And whether the benefits are attainable in applied APSC photography?

The Fuji lenses range from the early models through to the very latest 18, 23 and 33mm lenses. The latter were marketed as high res, as having less focus-breathing for video, and providing for future sensor developments. I'm no expert, and they may make the grade, but surely there must come a point where the lower performers are challenged? We can already see that some of the lenses don't offer high cross frame sharpness on 16mpx, let alone 40mpx.

So, is the full benefit of 40mpx APSC only likely to be attainable if one shoots just the very best and latest (and largest) glass, at optimal aperture, with meticulous attention to technique (tripods, etc). And does it beg the question as to whether one could realise the benefits more easily by shooting an FF camera of similar total resolution (but lower pixel density) that takes the pressure off lenses?

Barking up a relevant tree? Or off the mark? Your thoughts?

Regards, Rod

The same rumour site also talked about 2 sensors coming in the next generation Fujifilm cameras.

Most liked stacked vs non-stacked. I am sure the non-stacked will be a lower resolution and cheaper sensor - maybe for your needs.

The new stacked sensor is for long lens shooters - those birders who are mostly on Nikon and Canon DSLRs and the latest Sony EVIL cameras with their long lenses chasing fast moving subjects and want AF-C tracking. If Fujifilm wants to move its 200mm F2 lens and their new 200-600 lens - this is the sensor and camera they are going to need.
Also for the video folks wanting 8K video - min is 36 MP sensor for that.

For everyone else wanting smallest and lightest camera / lens combo and likes to shoot in the focus and compose method - they have their non-stacked lower resolution sensor and cheaper camera for you (my guess here).

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