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Re: Fujifilm X-Series Gear Tier List (Long)

Quite the effort and a long read. I am not sure what to say though, as i tend to look at lenses differently.

I would say 'horses for courses' and in that respect, some lenses may end up differently depending on one's needs.

To take an example, the 56 APD I would rate lower than the regular 56. The difference in bokeh is noticeable but not worlds apart. Yet the APD disables PDAF on older(?) bodies and it eats light.

The 90 i would consider legendary as it is impeccable. However, not a lot of people are using it because it is a rather long lens. I like its output better than my 56 in most cases.

The 16-80 is missing, and if you look at YT out online reviews, you'd think it is a dog of a lens. Despite its f/4, it is a good lens: sharpness is close to the 16-55, it has about the best OIS, fast AF and so on.

A categorization by use case would make more sense to me. When i but lenses, i take into account what i am going to use it for. The subjectiveness that comes with categorizations as legendary leads to difficult debates.

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