G7X II - Soft corners when shooting RAW

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Re: G7X II - Soft corners when shooting RAW

KoolKool wrote:

to be honest, all 1 inchs canons sucks at 24mm-28mm. ...

Not just Canon cameras, or just 1"-Type Sensors.

The WA 24/28mm to long tele lenses cameras with 1/2.3" sensors have same issues; e.g., SX50 HS pics in my post HERE;

Below the unedited SX50 HS RAW saved as JPG:

Overall the DxO PhotoLabs 4 Elite lens profiles provides good results with my 1"-Type Sensor cameras.

FWIW from one of my older posts on this subject with Panasonic cameras:

IMO a simpler demo of FZ1000 WA OOC JPG vs. DxO PhotoLab's lens corrections using sample FZ1000 JPG/ RAW image from Imaging Resource FZ1000 review for those who want to do their own PP comparisons. (to reduce image download/ viewing time all images resized to 10MP)

Imaging Resource FZ1000 Review Sample image (FZ1000FAR2WTW) / 25mm EFL

IR FZ1000FAR2WTW.RW2" The unedited RAW open with Fast Stone Viewer & saved as a JPG image


IR FZ1000FAR2WTW.RW2 RAW image processed with DxO PhotoLab; note wider FOV @ left/ right edges. 3:2 crop within the darken image corners (see OOC unedited RAW below).

IR FZ1000FAR2WTW.RW2 RAW image processed with DxO PhotoLab & DxO ViewPoint to do perspective corrections. A little narrower FOV due to the perspective corrections.

Another older post with the TZ70 JPG+RAW images:

If you shoot 24mm equiv. as JPG+RAW you can view the unedited RAW image with an app like FastStone Image View to see actual image captured vs the corrected JPG image; e.g., JPG+RAW image downloaded from PhotographyBlog.com TZ70 Review:

PhotographyBlog JPG. Compare this JPG with RAW image below to see amount of cropping at edges to the JPG image.

RAW image viewed with FastStone Image Viewer and saved as JPG to post here.

RAW image from PhotographyBlog I PP w/ DxO Optics Pro


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