Totally Unique- The Worlds Smallest DSLR

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Totally Unique- The Worlds Smallest DSLR

This little pocket rocket is one of those rare cameras. It singlehandedly trumped the mirrorless is smaller and lighter marketing campaign that ultimately has been left to the wayside. Canon showed that a DSLR could be just as small and light (or even smaller and lighter in some cases) as Mirrorless yet not sacrifice handling or a good grip for that form factor.

This is an amazing little camera, one that fortunately did very little chimping on features or performance compared to other entry to mid level DSLR's. It's got to be held and used to be truly appreciated, pictures do it no justice!

The icing on the cake with the 100D/SL1 is that it is an INCREDIBLE bargain today. If you can live with a lack of wifi, 4k, weather sealing, DPAF, this little camera has basically everything else in a very sturdy and dense body made of high end composite with an aluminum subframe structure.

It's not going to win any speed races with frame rates either, but it doesn't need too at all. To me it is the only "Rebel" class camera that stands out amongst all of those models with a truly unique and well implemented design. All of the Rebels were excellent cameras, but the SL1 stands on its own even in comparison to the SL2/3 cameras that came after that were larger, heavier, and a bit more complicated to use ergonomically.

Armed with a few truly excellent STM lenses like the 40mm/24mm STM, 35mm macro STM, 18-55mm IS STM, and 55-250mm IS STM, you've got so much covered yet, in a completely lightweight system that you can bring almost anywhere without the burden of cost/weight/bulk.

Then factor cost. All of those lenses are not only optically excellent and versatile for stills or video, you can get a used SL1 in great condition for about $150.00 these days (in two shades of white (tan/grey grip, or black). An SL1 with all those lenses can be had for easily under a grand total if you buy used in great condition, and still under a grand new if you mix new with used.

That's just amazing.

But the real selling point is the experience shooting with the little SL1. It's comfortable, responsive, versatile, well organized and downright fun to shoot with. Love its touchscreen implementation, its the best. I've lost count how many times I've looked at it amazed how it can do so much in a such a small package.

One shining spec,. I'd like to mention is its viewfinder. It has the largest "Rebel" viewfinder specification of all the Rebels at .87x (aps-c) or .55x (35mm). Add the tiny MG-Ef viewfinder magnifier, and that become 1.05x (aps-c) or .66x (35mm). It's AF system is competent and quick, with the center point being a dual cross type.

Before the SL1 came along, my favorite small DSLR was the E420 Olympus, which was the worlds smallest DSLR at one time. But it had mediocre image quality, very few compact lens options, and a mediocre menu system. The SL1 and those lenses I mentioned, blow the Oly experience right out of the water.

For collectors, its unique design will likely be coveted one day. Not today with all the supply, but when that supply begins to dry up on the used market. For shooters of all types, you can't afford not to have one if you have any investment in the EF/S mount.

Otherwise you'll just be missing out on way too much fun.

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