Firmware 3.40 issues

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Re: Firmware 3.40 issues

Verto wrote:

I have some unfortunate news about the new firmware to report. I've tested it twice in a professional setting and the hit rate is at least 2 times worse than before. I'm basically getting twice the amount of out of focus shots than before. This is strictly speaking of face and eye detect. I was initially very excited as the tracking speed on the screen is much faster and the face and eye track from farther away, but the hit rate is worse. This was tested with stationary subjects as well as moving. The camera would just focus on the background. I used the same settings and lens before and after the firmware. The 50mm 1.8 and the 24-200mm. I wish I could go back to the previous firmware. Has anyone else had similar results in real world shoots?

Well I for am hoping it's more just about operator error. Since I really want Nikon to be on the fast track getting off all this nonsense from others about how other brands are far superior in AF compared to Nikon. I wish this Ytube video had more in the way of actual stills results after testing. But initial testing seems to be an big improvement.

Testing Z6 & Z7 firmware version 3.40 - in the field!

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We have quite literally done a field test on Nikon's latest firmware update version 3.40 for the Nikon Z 6 & Z 7 - let us know what you think of this free update in the comments below!

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