DXO PL4 vs. PL5. Worth the upgrade? Or is Topaz Image bundle better

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Re: Like PL4? Just spending money?

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Regarding whether PL 5 is worth $49 to upgrade over PL 4: that is a tougher question. If you want to process raw files from one of the Fuji cameras that uses an X-Trans sensor, then clearly yes. If processing speed (especially using DeepPrime) is important to you and you have hardware that will take good advantage of PL 5's potential speed increases, then clearly yes. After that it becomes a closer call. FWIW, neither of those applies to me, but nevertheless I upgraded from PL 4 to PL 5 (for $79) as soon as it came out.

Thanks NAwlins Contrarian for a good answer to the original question.

I found processing faster in version 5 of DXO than it used to be especially with raw noise reduction being used, then saving a jpeg. As an ACDsee user the line extension in DXO was natural. In the near future the next logical step for DXO would be to add a radial gradient (oval or round) to DXO Local Adjustments.

Don't control points do that already?

The current upgrade of DXO adds more for Fuji owners. Adding line control and faster processing was enough for me to think the upgrade was "worth it" as a Windows user.


By reducing the chroma and luma sensitivities you get a radial selection. Not as good as a real radial maske with adjustable shape, feathering and gradation like C1 but an improvement on PL4.


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