Gee! Why is it sooo tough to buy a new camera? Really!

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Gee! Why is it sooo tough to buy a new camera? Really!

The day Canon came out with a good Digital SLR camera, I made the switch from film. It was an easy move. Hello 10D!

The sensor race was full-on and any new model was just better than the previous one for image quality. Easy to upgrade. Hello 30D!

The day Canon made a semi-pro camera, this was it, it was THE camera I was wishing for years. Easy move. Hello 7D! Even still great today. I didn't buy the 7Dmii at the time as it was not worth it for me.

Now I found myself waiting to change my camera, a decision I made 2.5 years ago. I've been looking all over the place, for way too many nights per week, hoping SO bad that Canon would have either made some 7Dmiii, or a R7. I got so disappointed with the brand I invested. All their cameras are not fitting with me at the moment. I have a precise list of what I want in my next camera... and Canon is just not there, for me.

So I had no choice but to look at other brands. I took the time to analyze all other companies.  I made the choice that MFT sensors and Pentax SLR will not be my next move, even though they both offer good stuff and I am happy to see these on the market. I have nothing against Nikon, but I didn't find my gem there. After a ton of researches, I came to the conclusion that, if Canon doesn't surprise me very soon, I will leave them and go for Fuji or Sony.

Lot of sadness and anger for Canon. Lot.

Still not happy to see that even if I make the move, I will have to try/guess to use my Canon EF and EF-S lenses on one of these 2 new systems. Will the lens adaptor work? So far looks like yes for some people, but not all of them.

Otherwise, maybe I should invest in at least one new glass for the new body? If yes, what's the best move, start a new holly trinity slowly, or just go straight to a good all-around travel lens and stick to stick for a while?

I am more of a zoom guy than a prime guy. I prefer that.

I need good battery life.

In a regular year:
I shoot 95% photos, 5% videos.
I shoot 50% hiking/landscape and 50% outdoor action sports.
I shoot 50% personal and 50% for clients/contracts.
I shoot my work from 24mm to 200-300mm (in FF/35mm equivalent).

My judgment is that most of the cameras today can do it all, they are so good today. But I don't want to have 2-3 bodies, I prefer having one do-it-all camera-body to follow me everywhere, both personal and hired shoots. I plan to keep it for many years.

As of today, with all my research, the body I am looking to are (very different)
- Fuji X-T4 (aps-c) keeps coming back to me as an overall good fit, but a bit limited for lens choices.
- Sony a6600 (aps-c) is a very compact do it all body, but not sure to bring this on a client contract shoot day with a heavy 70-200mm on it.
- Sony a7Riii (full frame) just appeared with the huge black Friday deals, which was not on my list at its previous price, could always make use of 42mp FF and 18mp crop, but still 1k over the other two.

I also am very used to the little top screen above the camera body, and many cameras don't have these today... but I really use this a lot, and the viewfinder digits help me be super fast to manipulate my camera settings.

See, tough decisions to make (for me)

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