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Re: People being difficult when photographing

New Day Rising wrote:

This is a bit confusing. Are we talking about just one occasion where you were trying to take a group photo and the young woman was not being "cooperative"? How did things go on the day you were just photographing her and her husband?

I can't offer any insights into pro wedding photography at all and have not taken many group photos.

What I can say is that it sounds to me like the issue you need to be working on is your relationship with your girlfriend's daughter. I am not saying the relationship is problematic - I don't know anything about it beyond your post of course. But maybe the answer you are looking for is more about that one person being annoyed by what you were doing - and there could be a range of reasons for that - rather than any broader issue about managing uncooperative people in groups. Make speak with your girlfriend about what happened and then listen fully to what she has to say.

Oh, and on the day with her and her husband, there was no problems.  They just did a number of of poses during a sunset, running around with their feet in the water.  I just ran around positioning myself too.  So I never really felt the need to ask much from them.  I just took photos of whatever they wanted to do. They liked some photos where her feet were cut off and I explained that another similar shot was better because her foot was not cut off but she still liked the cut off foot better (which is fine by me as I don't expect everyone to like the same thing equally).  So we tried a few photos over again.

2 of my nieces were there too.   On their photo day, they really didn't know what to do (except to dress up ) so I was telling them where to stand and how to pose.  No problems at all (except the ants that attacked one of them just as the sun started dipping below the horizon!)

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