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LeicaEye wrote:

3V AudioVideo wrote:

How do you deal with people being difficult when you are trying to photograph them?

In particular, my gf and I took a vacation with a few friends and family. While site seeing, I wanted to take a group photo and asked my gf's daughter (a young adult) to move over a couple feet to one side and after taking the photo, the girl gets up, takes out her cell phone, takes their own group photo and says: "See, that's all you need to do to take a photo. No 'move over here' or have this/that over there".

I just let it slide, but thought to myself: "fine, I just won't ask that her to be in any photos anymore and just take photos of other people in our group when they are are not so nearby her". But later my gf was trying to plan out our week and she and her daughter decided to pick a "photo day" to take photos of just her daughter and the daughter's husband. I wasn't really thrilled to do it, but since it was just the two of them, I didn't care if they chose the composition and poses (and for any of the other times if it was just them, I was also ok with whatever they wanted). But when I want to have nice family and friends group photos to remember by, and their is one person that is not being cooperative, then I am not sure how to handle it without causing a scene/argument (this person can be very vocal and opinionated). And I wasn't being picky or taking up much of her time at all (an extra 5 seconds at most).

So what I am asking is, how to handle this for next time?

And this also makes me wonder and ask this: Do wedding photographers ever have bride and grooms that the charge in how all (or most) of their photos should be taken? Do you follow along? Or do you try not to, because then if they come out horrible, word of mouth spreads when people see the photos ending up real bad? Do you ever find out they want to take charge not until you actually start shooting? And how do you handle all of this? Just wondering.

Quite obviously if your easily pushed around - you should not be photographer.. Yes, take some requests from the B&G - others stay away.. Wear a badge:-

- >Official Photographer~ I'm In Charge <-

I'm not a pro.  I was just wondering about the pro wedding photographers experience with models who get upset with being told how to pose and where to stand when being photographed.  I wouldn't want to be a pro photographer (not that there's anything wrong with being one, just isn't for me for various reasons.  Being "pushed around" isn't one of them, lol).

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