DXO PL4 vs. PL5. Worth the upgrade? Or is Topaz Image bundle better

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Re: DXO PL4 vs. PL5. Worth the upgrade? Or is Topaz Image bundle better

ATP62 wrote:

ANAYV wrote:

I am most curious about differences between PL4 and 5.


PL5 has Color and Luminosity masking , the same as Range Mask in Lightroom.

PL5 also support Fuji X-trans

They consider the Xtrans support beta. Detail is fine, but the colors are really off, especially cyan sky's. I hope they have regular updates during the year (PL5 lifespan) like Capture One.

Nice product, but these sliders are hard to use on a notebook. Does PL5 have something like Capture One's speed edit. E.g press q on the keyboard for exposure and move the mouse up and down to change the exposure. Precise and fast. Allows to use the whole screen in full screen mode for most edits. That's very helpful with the limited screen real estate of a notebook.


Local adjustments go a little bit in this direction. It would also help to have an option to double the size of these local adjustment sliders.

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