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domus wrote:

After a few days testing it out, I can say not one single picture was improved beyond what I could achieve with any photo editing software, like Affinity Photo. Besides being extremely slow, it's quite buggy too.

After a lot of desperate tries one starts to lull oneself into believing there is some improvement.. I'd be interested to know what your experience was. Maybe I'm missing a magic parameter somewhere...

I'll respond even though your comments weren't addressed to me. With regard to salvaging images, my success rate with Sharpen AI is probably around 15% or less. I have seen it work virtual wonders with some photos and then fail miserably on others with nearly the same content and focus issues. It's a form of gambling--you're betting against the house, the odds are not good and, on top of that, Topaz occasionally adds another exciting element of chance to the mix by releasing updates that are worse than the previous version.

I got the software on sale and had a coupon as well, so the $ outlay wasn't too bad. But now that my subscription has lapsed, it will take a pretty major breakthrough on the part of Topaz before they see any more of my money.

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