Did a7iv make it harder to decide to get the R6?

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Re: Did a7iv make it harder to decide to get the R6?

3V AudioVideo wrote:

ashbashbeard wrote:

If you're set with Sony, then why ask the question?

"just wondering if anyone had a tough decision to make between these two cameras."

Yup every day. Except I would most likely keep the R6 while I test Sony. Did this in 2018 with the A73 and ended up selling it after 6 months. 
i want to test the A74 with the 200-600 against my R6 with 100-400mk2 and 1.4 ext mk3. 
Also the Ef Sigma art vs Sony 1.4 primes. I hate adapters. 
its hard for many reason. For example I shoot all my videos at 4k60 because i never know when I need to slow down the video because the  teenagers did something silly on the video. Where the Sony is cropped.  I need 2 systems. 
Sony for wildlife and landscape .  and R6 for every day photo and video.  
my least used lens is the 16-35 F4 which would serve as a nice pre order deposit for the Sony. 
i just wish Canon would bring out an APSC R7. That would stop me for now.

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