Are D6, D850 and D780 going to be obsolete after 2022?

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Re: Nikon and Canon have been pushing DSLR for years

yray wrote:

This is a little backwards. Nikon, Canon, Sony, etc tell customers what they want, because otherwise those same customers would have no idea. If the well-greased advertising machine has been pushing DSLRs over the last few years instead of mirrorless, everyone and their distant uncle here would be excited about new DSLRs. The whole “customers want” paradigm is a charade of sorts, but this is the way the world works, and we better keep it that way.

Really - so you think a couple of ads would push the sales of DSLRs back where they were from 10 years ago? I remember my first EVIL was the Olympus EP-1 from 2009. I believe Panasonic beat them to the punch by a couple of weeks with the GF-1.

Canon and Nikon didn't have EVIL cameras until 2020 - so all they pushed were DSLRs....Ok - Nikon had the 1 series and Canon had the M series but people voted with their wallets. If all it took were a couple ads - the 1 series and M series wouldn't be where they are today.

Sony had both DSLRs and EVIL bodies and people voted with their wallets. The A-mount is pretty much dead and the E-mount is number 2 with customers, beating out Nikon.

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