Did a7iv make it harder to decide to get the R6?

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Re: Did a7iv make it harder to decide to get the R6?

Mark B. wrote:

3V AudioVideo wrote:

Did having the Sony a7iv introduced make it harder for you to decide to purchase the Canon R6? Which did you end up purchasing?

Nope, I have too much other Canon gear (lenses & flashes) that would make it a hassle and more expensive than it's worth to switch. I'm very happy with the R6.


That was my reasoning for waiting it out with Canon.  But after really thinking it out some more, I only have 2 of their FF lenses.  The 50mm is broke and might have ended up just replacing it anyway instead of fixing it. The other one I don't use often and the Sony adapter will work good enough for me.

I'm sure I would be happy with the R6.  Probably a discounted price would persuade me to get it, as that is a major reason why I was waiting to purchase it.  Before Covid, it seemed Canon cameras dropped quite a bit in price after a number of months, but it hasn't happened in over a year with the R5/R6.

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