Please help me to choose a FF camera system (landscape, wildlife)

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I am also looking at upgrading to the A7Riii. I shoot landscapes, so I like the idea of 42mp. Since I shoot wildlife, that will also allow me to crop a lot. One nice thing about these newer FF bodies is that they have an APS-C mode, so I can set the A7Riii for that mode, get the extra 50% magnification and still have about 18mp to work with.

While the Sony 200-600 is a great lens that I have not heard anything negative about, that quality does come in a heavy package. It is about 4.6 pounds, or a little over 2 kg. I hope you are familiar with using a heavy telephoto.

Yes, that's a good point about cropping for wildlife. Regarding the weight of the lens, it's a bit hefty, but it's the price I guess for what the lens is about. It won't be fun traveling with it but what I read about it convinced me that it would be the best option for wildlife around that price on the E-mount.

Since I am frustrated that Canon never made the equivalent to a 7Diii for APS-C sensors and also never made a zoom telephoto to 600mm, I am switching to Sony so I can shoot with their 200-600. A good friend of mine just got that and an A1 and was getting great results the first time out. The A1 has 54mp and my friend said he was already able to get distant shots he couldn't get with his 20mp 7Dii and 100-400 (crop body).

To alleviate some of the weight issue, you can use it with a monopod without restricting your movement too much.

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