Fujifilm x-t3 vs Sony a6600 vs Canon eos 90d

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Re: Fujifilm x-t3 vs Sony a6600 vs Canon eos 90d

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What do you aim for. Take pictures of. Do you have any gear or lenses. What do you use now. Thise cameras are all nice. But really need to know what it will be used for. And the system needs too. Like accessories.


i would like to do some travel, street and landscape photography and a little bit of video too and i also care about the future upgrade of the camera so i can still use my investment in lenses. i'd like to explore my curiosity for this world of video/photography. this is going to be my first camera so i don't have any gear yet. my budget is around 1500€

I'm mostly Sony user, so I can advice you A6400 with 18-135 kitlens (if still available). The rest of the budget you can use for SD card, cleaning accessory, camera bag, screen protection, or even eg. tripod, filters, flash etc

If Fuji than eg. X-T3 with 16-80 (probably over budget already).

There are many options also from Fuji, Canon or Nikon. Personally I would go for mirrorless and leave DSLR like eos 90D in the past. The lens(es) are equally important as camera, need to be also counted in your purchase choices.

thank so much for the info! I appreciate it. If you are picking a camera looking just for the best lenses what are you going to pick? By the way a found a deal for xt3 for just around 1400 with 18-55 kits lens

If it will be your first camera, the best is to take just standard zoom (so roughly in range app. 16-135mm). After some learning you will find out what other lenses you need (if any).

You are not looking for best lens, you are looking for best compromise within your budget. I think that all mentioned lenses have it's advantages and disadvantages, you just don't know them yet. Don't think about it too much, pick some and you will see in few moths.

What do you think should I consider the most, the camera itself or the lenses?

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