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Re: Sony a6000 & Safari - Confused

Craig Gillette wrote:

Another vote for the Tamron 18-300. Reviews I've seen have been positive. While it doesn't have all the reach and perhaps not quite as good quality at the long end, as the 70-350, it covers wide and mid-range as well and would reduce or eliminate the need to swap lenses.

If concerned about low light morning and evening shots, the phone has a much smaller sensor and I'd be concerned about it's quality in lower light. That said, you have it now and could go out and make some test shots under varying conditions.

I'd also suggest shooting raw instead of jpgs. You retain the better image quality and have the opportunity to do conversions and editing after the trip. You can set up the processor with preferences (as would be done for in camera jpgs) but have the opportunity to revisit any image that might need more or different processing.

If it's a question of file size, get an additional larger memory card or several.

Since "safari" locations and conditions vary, it might be worth checking to see if they have any information specific to their location and your package as to camera gear and/or focal length choices.

Thanks Craig, my reasoning for not shooting raw is more that I'm intimidated by shooting raw (if I do it I'd shoot raw & jpeg so I could share a few pics while I'm there).

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