ScanCafe vs DigMyPics for negative scanning?

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Re: ScanCafe vs DigMyPics for negative scanning?

I’ve not used either of these services but I have done quite a bit of scanning and currently have my new film scanned commercially. These are things I would consider

  • Do you want to have them scanned and then “that’s it”, or will you want to go back and edit some of them? If you don’t intend to post process them then JPEG may well be sufficient, but if you’re going to post process then 48bit TIFF would be a better choice (although often more expensive)
  • Consider what the final scan size will be. As a minimum look for around 6 million pixels, so 2000 x 3000 ppi. This would print without upscaling at roughly 6” x 10”
  • If you want to post process then having the scans delivered with minimal sharpening could be an advantage.

I don’t know what the prices are for these services, but if you want to consider doing it yourself then something like an Epson V600 will scan 12 negatives at a time and deliver fully inverted 6MP scans with automatic dust removal and minimal interaction - just load the negatives, pre-scan and then let it go . A V600 is somewhere around £200 and you can sell it when you’ve finished . Alternatively there are devices like the Kodak Scanza and Wolverine Titan which are quicker to use but require more interaction.

(and then there’s a dedicated film scanner or camera + macro lens, but that might be getting more serious )

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