Yongnuo vs Nikon Speedlights

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Herb Trevathan
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Yongnuo vs Nikon Speedlights

I have a Nikon D850 and I am wondering if I would get better performance if I switched from Yongnuo to Nikon.

Issues that I am having with youngnuo: (in no particular order)

  • recycle time is slow-ish
  • no way to easily add a TTL monolight
  • sometimes it takes many speed lights 

Here is what I have
3 X Yongnuo 968N II
2 X Yongnuo 685
1 X YN200 (bare bulb 200WS monolight
1 Yongnuo commander YN 560 TX Pro

I have bowls mount soft boxes as well as bounce cards.

I am wondering if anyone has compared the TTL between Nikon Speedlights and Yongnuo.

I am 'thinking' that 'possibly' TTL would be better if Nikon logic was applied in the flash unit.

I have read conflicting reviews regarding power output, it seems like there is some bias when reporting.

Nikon costs so much more, but I am done with my kit (LOL as we all are). I am either going to:

  1. Buy more Yongnuo and gang them up when needed
  2. move to Godox and get all of my, controllers speed lights and moniloghts from them 
  3. move to Nikon speedlights and use the commander in my camera body

I shoot indoors and have NO issues with anything.

When I shoot outdoors  I am typically overpowering the sun and if I do not use High Speed Sync...(using an ND filter to get Aperture where I want it fails - light power is too low) this is where I run into power issues (recycle times) and hit limitations with TTL (TTL is correct and when I scale all the flashes up in the commander they do not all move equally -- at least I find that must manually adjust one group again).

Does anyone have any experience with Yongnuo vs Nikon?

any advice would be very appreciated, helpful and will likely save me a lot of money LOL.

Nikon D850
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