Using Time Machine with a Macbook…

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Re: Using Time Machine with a Macbook…

Greybeard2017 wrote:

DanRN wrote:

casperghst42 wrote:

I got a Synology - but I gave up using it. Now I just have a Linux box with a samba share which I use for TimeMachine.

I would highly recommend setting a quota on the share you use for TimeMachine otherwise it’ll eat all your disk space.

Otherwise it basically works out of of the box. There are many how-to articles on how to get it to work.

Thanks. I’ve seen some of those articles. I’m more interested in how much it would need to be docked to get the job done.

its going to depend on how much data has changed on the MacBook since the last time you connected, the speed of your network and the speed of the Synology NAS

Well, I’m running full wired Gigabit Ethernet through every device, so shouldn’t be too bad.

I won’t know for maybe a week, depending on who I believe. 
Apple says my Macbook will arrive in a week, 12/6.  FedEx says Wed. 12/1.  I’m sure Apple was being conservative.  FedEx says it arrived in Memphis last night at 2330.  I’m a five hour drive from there. (But my driving has always been somewhat …um… expedited, itself.)

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