Lens for birding photography

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Re: Lens for birding photography

IHMO these 150-600 zooms are perfect for wildlife photography. Anything else smaller or lighter will usually have some shortcomings. From the tests and opinions I've seen on Youtube your Tamron G1 is softer than the Sigma C equivalent.

As for TCs... it is a horrible idea to use them on APSC camera. The crop factor itself of an APSC sensor already kind of acts as a TC. IMO if with approx. 850-900 focal length, depending on the crop factor, if you can't take a good picture, I would not take one at all.

Unfortunately for Nikon system there is no good budget APSC mirrorless camera to consider when it comes to bird photography. The aforementioned Sigma will work very well adapted to Sony a6100 or a6400 or Canon M6 II. Either setup, if used, should not set you back more than $1500 which is laughable considering the prices of telephoto primes. In good light conditions and todays post-processing software the results will not be that different from those using big expensive primes.

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