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Marco Nero
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To Bob A L - Re: Yellow Case & reflections

Bob A L wrote:

Marco - I have a question. I figure your monitors are well calibrated and know that mine are not, so I see an opportunity to compare. Your comments indicate the case has yellow trim and in the two photos of the case on two of my laptops the trim is what ai would call orange. In the amazon ad below the photos the trim looks yellow on my monitors. Distinctly different than in the photos. Just wondering if you can share your observation from what you see on your monitors which are most certainly more accurate than mine.

Monitor Calibration.
Hi Bob... It's hard to calibrate a monitor without access the various image-tools and knowing what needs to be addressed.  So don't be horrified when I mention that I'm just using the current standard "iMac" calibration color setting at the moment.  Your own monitor sounds like it's perfectly accurate. When I worked in film production for Hollywood, our monitors were calibrated manually every few days by a specialist to ensure the footage and digital assets we produced was all of the same standard before it was sent to the compositors.  Since i often prefer to shoot lowlight images without a flash, my images sometimes come out warmer under incandescent light.  And my monitors are calibrated to allow me to tweak astrophotography images but to enable me to notice if there's any corrections and clone-repairs visible after processing, especially where composite images are involved.
I manually calibrated my Thunderbolt 27" monitor years ago... and it's been fantastic for my use, but it's limited to the type of LEDs used. Dragging images from one screen to the other results in some eye-opening incompatibilities due to the yellowing of the LCD screen on my older Thunderbolt monitor. The newer iMac 27" (2020-2021) has whiter whites and a cooler screen display so it's been tricky using two very different monitors side by side when I can't perfectly match the images.  Using the Thunderbolt 27" monitor as a second screen rather than throwing it out made sense.  The nearest i can come to with this same setting on my main monitor (a new iMac 27" 2020-2021 model) is with the regular "iMac" color profile monitor setting.  There's a list to choose from but this one is the best performer for my image editing needs.  It's actually very well tweaked by the folks at Apple.  The option of using my old Thunderbolt monitor calibration on both monitors is also available to me on the new iMac since I ported my old settings across during the Migration process.  Yet it's not as refined as the new iMac color profile... so that's what I'm using for the main monitor.  To cut a long story short: You are correct, the color of the iPhone case trim is a mixture of 'Mid Grey' silicone and a 'Butter Yellow' hard plastic trim.
Yellow or Orange
These images were shot indoors under changing artificial lighting resulting in a more warmer, orange color under incandescent lighting for those shot with the EOS R6 and I used a Canon 600EX RT flash fired remotely with a Canon ST-E3-RT remote trigger on the smaller EOS M6 camera. As you can see below, the yellow tones change from one image to another, depending on the camera and especially the Flash being used.  The actual color of the iPhone case trim is distinctly butter-yellow.  And it's perhaps slightly less saturated than the pictures from both of these cameras...

EXRTShot with an EOS M6 (APS-C) camera - CANON 6000EX RT Flash used.

Shot with an EOS R6 (Full Frame) camera under varying light conditions.

Shot with an EOS M6 (APS-C) camera CANON 6000EX RT Flash used.

Reflections from the yellow frame...
I've only had an issue with the yellow highlights (trim) around the lens cluster of the iPhone 13 Pro Max showing up in reflections on two occasions. In one instance it was showing up reflecting off a perspex cover on a gem case and the other time it was the same yellow surface reflecting off the chrome dials on a wristwatch. 
I recently had to photograph an Australian Opal and a half carat diamond that I needed to send to a gem-setter to work with.  I thought I'd get as many shots as I could before they were set into a pendant together and I couldn't really handhold the diamond without the lid on the gem pod without a risk of dropping it (the opal slid off the felt several times when I was shooting these images). It seemed like a great time to test the iPhone cameras but I needed to use the closeup lens and that required that I use the wide angle lens (which is the default for closeups)... which in turn brought the iPhone closer to the display pod where reflections became a minor issue.
I intend to photograph them again when they're set into jewellery but I had hoped to get a few interesting images with the iPhone and I honestly couldn't be bothered peeling off the case first.  I did get the shots I needed and there's only so many images I can post here but you can see the issues with reflections below.  I'm not too concerned with white balance for these images since they're for my use and not for publication.  Hence my skin tones vary from device to device. All the shots from the iPhone are simply tests to see if it can fill in when I don't have a regular camera on hand.

An uncorrected image from the iPhone 13 - note the reflection of the yellow frame from the case on the gem pod.  The same yellow also shows up in the refracted light coming from the diamond.

Same subject shot with the EOS M6 using a remotely triggered bounce-flash.

Same opal, under glass - shot with the EOS M6 but with NO flash, just natural lighting in a low-light environment with a nearby LED light.

You can see the yellow frame showing up in this Ultra Wide closeup shot here...

Removing unwanted reflections by holding a sheet of white copy paper above the iPhone and taking the shot from further away using the 3x (77mm) lens.

Avoiding reflections by using the regular Wide Angle lens and shooting from further away.

Shooting from further away (3x lens) and using a sheet of white paper to reflect light off the chromed surface (polished stainless steel).   If I got closer via a different iPhone lens, the yellow trim would show up in the reflections.  One of the large hands on the watch showed a yellow reflection from the iPhone case along one side but this was removed/corrected digitally.
Marco Nero.

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