Would you take just an fp L and 20-60mm?

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Re: Would you take just an fp L and 20-60mm?

Scottelly wrote:

I was reading in this thread:


I have been traveling by car (SUV actually), and I keep thinking about how I could reduce the weight and bulk of my kit, which currently doesn't even fit in my big backpack. Next year I hope to fly to a few places, like the U.K. and Vietnam. I just can't take all my cameras and lenses, so I've been thinking I might get a versatile camera, one zoom, and a nice prime, but I figured I would get a Sony A7r IV. The problem with that idea is I just can't get what I'd consider a great all-around lens for it.

I like how wide the Panasonic 20-60 can go. I've been thinking I might get that lens and a Sigma fp L.

I do still plan to get a Sony A7r IV and Zeiss 40mm f2 Batis first, and I will use my Sigma Art lenses on that with my MC-11 adapter. (14-24mm f2.8 Art and 24-70mm f2.8 OS Art, plus my 50mm f1.4 Art). That is really not a particularly carryable set-up though. I was thinking about getting a couple of small primes to go with the Sony camera that I'll have with the 40mm lens, such as the new Sigma 24mm f2 I (16mm shorter focal length) and the new Sigma 65mm f2 I (25mm longer focal length). Three lenses just seems like a lot though, and not only would it be bigger and heavier than the fp L with a Panasonic 20-60mm f3.5-5.6, but it would cost more to replace, if it gets stolen too.

I wonder if I'm crazy to even think it might make sense to take just one lens and camera though. Would you take just an fp L and a 20-60mm lens on a photo trip?

Maybe I should consider "enhancing" that kit with Sigma's new 90mm f2.8, which Marco has recently used, and posted photos from. Still, I wonder if I will miss my 100-400, which I used extensively on my SD1 Merrill to photograph some wildlife on my trip so far (shooting a coyote, some bison, prairie dogs, prong horn antelope, and long horn sheep). I even shot some distant mountains with that long lens, though most of the time I just used my Nikon with the 24-135mm lens at the long end, rather than swapping lenses on my SD1 Merrill. I remember using my long lens several times down in Chile, shooting wild animals again (flamingos and vicunyas), so maybe it would make sense to at least take the 100-400 along, "just in case."

Hi Scott,

My suggestion: Sony A7r IV, Tamron 28-200, Sigma MC-11 adapter for your wide lenses. The Tamron 28-200's image quality is very favorably reviewed.

For my next trip to Vietnam, I will take my Sony A7c, Tamron 28-200, and the Sigma DP1. Attached is a picture of the Sony A7c with the Tamron 28-200.


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