Which EOS-M camera to use as a webcam

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Which EOS-M camera to use as a webcam

Hi EOS-M gang

I'm planning to use an EOS-M camera as a webcam but haven't worked out which model would work best for me, and I'd really appreciate your advice, please. My requirements are:

  • Must function with the EOS Utility: Based on the product drop down on this webpage, I believe all models of EOS-M camera fulfil this requirement.
  • Must be able to take power from USB. I've been searching manuals for this functionality (e.g.) but I can't find it officially mentioned, although I see anecdotal evidence that it does exist on some EOS-M cameras.
  • Ideally should be able to shoot video for up to 60 minutes, or at least 30. I find varied shooting length info online - the original "EOS-M" reportedly had a 29 minute max length, though one source says 44 minutes.
  • Ideally I'd pick an older, cheaper model, to save some cash.

I'd really appreciate any advice if you think a particular model fulfils the above.

"Why a Canon as a webcam?" I have a messy office and I want to blur out my background using a fast lens rather that using software to imitate shallow DOF. Currently I use a Canon 200D for this purpose and it's excellent. However, I have to charge it  quite often, and re-position it regularly, whereas I could rig up a permanent mount for the smaller/lighter EOS-M.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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