Fuji and the Competition in 2021: A (personal) thought experiment

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Re: Fuji and the Competition in 2021: A (personal) thought experiment

biza43 wrote:

I agree with many of your thoughts. Regarding Canon and Nikon, it is clear that the future for them is RF and Z in FF. Canon in particular is giving a very clear message: 2021 was the first year in 20 years that they have not introduced a DSLR; the number of RF lenses they have put out in the last 3 years is incredible. Nikon are giving the same signs, but at a slower pace.

Fuji completely dominates the APSC market, for the quality of their products, but also because Canon, Nikon, and Sony are all but abandoning it. I think they have it right with APSC and MF, skipping FF. In both formats, Fuji have top quality offers, at very aggressive prices.

Canon seems pretty opaque when it comes to APS-C. There is neither a sign that an APS-C RF body is imminent nor are there any official signs about EF-M going anywhere. I could see Canon maintaining EF-M so long as it still sells well. In absence of any official statements, I am not sure whether to expect an RF APS-C body, whether as an eventual replacement of EF-M or as a parallel product - or indeed no APS-C line whatsover.

When it comes to Nikon, I very much believe they are going to test the waters with the Z fc and APS-C lens releases. I'd expect it will take them several years to build out products and see how the market responds to them. So I don't expect them to abandon ASP-C right after announcing more products in that line. Unless they sell spectacularly poorly, which I wouldn't expect, considering the response the Z fc and roadmap announcement have gotten.

Finally Sony. Although they didn't halt production of the A6600, the news about them putting A6100 and A6400 on hold due to chips shortage certainly shows their priorities. Not that this would be a recent development, considering Sony hasn't released an APS-C lens or body (outside the vlogging ZV-E10) since 2019. Indeed, Sony might consider the A7C to be a primary replacement for its APS-C photocentric models.

So, plenty of question marks regarding Canon and Sony's APS-C goals, but I think Nikon is only at the beginning of exploring their market potential.

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