Setting up back button focusing on X100V? Not working...

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Setting up back button focusing on X100V? Not working...

Hey all. Some assistance would be amazing please!

I MUST be doing something wrong here, or I've got a software issue.

I'm trying to set up my X100V for back-button focusing. Here's what I want it to do in Single AF mode.

- Press AEL/AFL button: lens focuses and then locks (either by holding the button or a single press)
- ½ press and hold shutter: exposure locks
- Full press shutter: capture

I've set

Button/Dial Setting > Shutter AF > AF-S to 'OFF' (which I assume removes AF from the shutter button)

I've then set AE/AF-Lock Mode to 'AE&AF ON WHEN PRESSING' (which I assume would mean that when I press the AEL/AFL button, the lens would search for focus and the hold that focus until I release the button.

Thus with this combo I would expect to be able to grab focus using the back button, recompose then expose with a ½ press of the shutter button before a full press captures the shot.

However this isn't working. When I press the back button, the lens does not focus but I do get 'AFL' and 'EL' illuminated on the LCD display, which suggest that AEL is still assigned to this button. Also, when I ½ press the shutter release the lens focuses and locks exposure (I get EL on the back, but no AFL.

How on earth do I set up back button focusing and separate out focus and exposure lock? There must be another setting that I'm missing that is overruling the above?

Thanks lots!

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