Sony 70-350 or Tamron 18 300 ?

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Re: Sony 70-350 or Tamron 18 300 ?

I think you've got a good feel for the differences and there are clearly cases to be made for either.  I'm not sure my suggestions would be any different from what's been offered already?

Tamron has stirred up the scene with several longer focal range zooms, ff and aps-c, with quite good image quality.  In the past, the longer the zoom ratio the more likely the lens was trading optical quality for convenience, and price.  These newer Tamrons have really narrowed the differences and maintained inviting price points.

I think it's really a personal preference as to what one weights the most when trying to work through features and compromises.

A single superzoom is likely going to be more convenient, lighter, less bulky, and less expensive.  Two lenses may have somewhat higher image quality.  You may need that image quality difference.  or not.  Two lenses may be "better" and if working mostly in one range or another and not needing to swap quickly or often, the convenience need may go down.  So if that 30/1.4 and 70-350 fit budget and cover your "needs" and you won't be frustrated swapping a lot, it's a better lens.

If at some point in the future you might be adding another body, while it's more expensive, bulkier and heavier, having tow bodies ready with different lenses, the convenience, ability to react to changing conditions quickly goes way up.

The larger the kit, more bodies, better lenses, etc., creeps into the ff price range.  If IQ is truly that important, maybe you want to be in ff.  but that gets back to having limited lens focal length options, or just one body, etc.  If your purchasing options would remain budget sensitive, a broader, more comprehensive aps-c kit, even if built up slowly might be more functional generally than a smaller ff kit with fewer lenses.

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