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Re: Fujifilm X-Series Gear Tier List (Long)

DrSteveD wrote:

OrigamiCactus wrote:

Ok, clearly a lot of work went into the list, i can appreciate the effort, even thought i don't agree with it at all. I can't figure out by what criteria the stuff is ranked here.

Why are the cheap F2 fujicrons at S tier, while the new F1.4 23 and 33 WR primes at B tier? Makes no sense, as the new ones are better in every way.

I ranked both lenses A-Tier as solid professional choices. They don't meet the S-Tier criteria of "will drive adoption of the system." They are not B-Tier lenses, and are not ranked as such.

The f/2's are S-Tier for their use in low profile street photography setups, a use the drives people to adopt this system. This is legendary glass, for its intended use (outdoor street photography). If this isn't your use case, then these lenses are not going to be right for you. Similarly the Macro lense is extremely sharp, if you were using it for something other than macro, it might drop a couple of tiers FOR THAT USE.

Also "It doesn’t have IBIS. It will take worse pictures than a camera with IBIS"

This is actually outright false information. That is only true on non stabilized primes, at shutter speeds lower than 1/25 (this number depends on person, some can even handhold 1/15 without ibis). And on a tripod, you will get worse pictures with ibis than without.

Seems like a myth. All I can find on this is a blog post from 2015, which found very minor degradation with a Sony system seven years ago.

This was covered by the Northrups in their video on myths. As they explained, it used to be true when stabilisation systems were less sophisticated. Now they are able to detect when they are on a tripod and adjust accordingly.

The reference photos are not attached. Unless the photos were taken on concrete in a still room, I tend to think wind might have put the finding within the noise range of the instrumentation used.

If you are going to make a tier list, then atleast say what you will rank the items based on.

I think you will find the tier ranking criteria listed at the top of the initial post, as well as an explanation for every Tier but B.

Right now for example, you are strictly ranking on feelings, nothing more.

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